Commercial Greenhouses

Improve your growing conditions

A commercial greenhouse is an enclosed space that allows a grower to manipulate conditions to increase yield and pack out rates. Greenhouses also reduce crop damage from climate events and predation. GreenLife Structures’ commercial greenhouses can be constructed in a range of sizes to suit both small orchards, nurseries and large agri-businesses.

Australian climate challenges mean that fruit, flower and vegetable growers require accurate temperate and pest controls for propagation and seedling production. Our Australian-designed and engineered commercial greenhouses can include twin-skin ventilation and bio-security controls for quarantine requirements. We design our greenhouses to accommodate compact rolling benches to optimise space and enable hydroponic irrigation. Our commercial greenhouses can be installed with a range of canopy styles and covers for multi-season growing and varied nursery applications.

greenlife structures 10 metre habitat greenhouse

Habitat Greenhouse

Habitat greenhouses are designed to be an economical alternative to larger more complex greenhouses. Habitat greenhouses are simple in design yet versatile and flexible when deciding your climate control needs.Purchase as a kit or take advantage of our full installation and maintenance service with our own trained staff and machinery.

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greenlife structures 10 metre sawtooth greenhouse

Sawtooth Greenhouse

Sawtooth greenhouses are commercial greenhouses designed with roof ventilation as the single most important feature.The growth and health of your plants is directly reliant on good ventilation and the environment it promotes.Purchase as a kit or take advantage of our full installation service with our own trained staff and machinery.Available sizes – 6m, 8m, 10m & 12m wide.

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greenlife structures multi-span greenhouse

Multi-Span Greenhouse

Our 8 & 10 metre wide Multi Span Greenhouses are our larger commercial greenhouses that incorporate increased wall height providing the benefit of greater air volume and crop clearance.Domed roof or sawtooth roof models are available.

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greenlife structures gullwing greenhouse

Gullwing Greenhouse

Gullwing greenhouses are our premier commercial greenhouses that incorporate large twin opening roof vents that take advantage of wind direction and promote exceptional air transfer and hot air venting. The increased wall height provides the benefit of greater air volume and crop clearance

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