Frequently Asked Questions

Answer your questions about our commercial greenhouses, shade structures and protected cropping. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us.

Do you provide installation?

Yes, we provide an installation service for any greenhouse structure OVER 120 sqm and any cable span shade structure OVER 1000 sqm. (Any kits under 120 sqm come with detailed Installation Manual for self installation).

Are your installation crews employed by GreenLife Structures or are they contractors?

All our installers are GreenLife Structures staff members and are covered by our work place insurances. GreenLife Structures has it’s own fleet of trucks, elevated work platforms and trestles and all the tools necessary to complete the jobs in a timely fashion.

Do you provide maintenance for existing structures?

Yes, we provide maintenance on all greenhouses, shade houses and protective netting.

Are the greenhouse kits difficult to install?

Not at all. Only a handyman level of skill is required. Over the years we have refined the structures and installation manuals to ensure self installation is an easy and pleasant experience.

Do I require any specialised tools to install a greenhouse kit?

Only basic handyman tools are required for most greenhouse kits. Cordless power tools, tape measure, step ladders, spanners, sharp scissors etc.

On larger structures you may need to hire machinery and trestles to allow you to bore the pier footings and work safely at height.

Are your structures made with quality products?

Yes, our products are of a high quality standard and sourced from suppliers in Australia and overseas. In many cases we have sourced the same quality product from the same supplier for 15 years. Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film, Smart Shade horticultural shade cloth, Steelforce galvanised steel, Ludwig Svensson screens.

Are Solarweave covers included in all greenhouse kits?

Yes. We are the biggest suppliers of Solarweave in Australia and Solarweave covers are standard all our greenhouse kits. Solarweave is a polyethylene based semi-transparent fabric designed for commercial greenhouse and hot house applications.

You can request our Toyotani greenhouse film as the cover material. Toyotani is a clear plastic film used on tunnel houses and some other greenhouse structures.

Do you provide free freight?

We do not provide free freight but we freight kits and goods everyday at competitive rates. Freight charges will be included in your quotation.