Weed mat

Minimise weeds and herbicide use

Weed matting protects your crop by stopping the supply of sunlight to unwanted orchard weeds, reducing the need for herbicides. High quality weed mats suppress weed growth but allow soil drainage to ensure both moisture and run off. In smaller orchards, weed matting can be used in conjunction with mulch.


  • Manufactured from commercial grade woven polypropylene
  • 5yr UV degradation warranty
  • 108 gsm (grams per square metre)
  • Green pot lines the entire length of the roll allow for easy stock alignment


  • Massive reduction in herbicide use
  • Reduces the incidence of persistent weeds by over 90%
  • The woven permeable nature of weedmat allows the soil to breathe which combats fungal growth
  • Promotes healthier plants through a cleaner growing environment
  • Tough and durable
greenlife structures horticultural films & fabric- weedmat &pins

Weedmat pins features

  • 130mm long
  • UV stabilised HDPE

Weedmat pins benefits

  • Durable, cannot rust and long lasting
  • Easy to install

Per 108 gsm x 0.91 wide x 100m long roll 

Per 108 gsm x 1.83m x 50m long roll 

Per 108 gsm x 3.66m wide x 100m long roll 

Per 108 gsm x 5m wide x 100m long roll 

Weedmat Pins – 100 Pack

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