Clear Diffused Greenhouse Film

Protect your plants and your people

GreenLife Structures can help you to select the right weight and shade cover for your specific crop and location. We use industry-leading products with proven performance for Australian conditions and various horticultural and greenhouse applications. Clear diffuse film can appear more natural than white on larger structures.

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  • Clear 3 layer film
  • High strength 200um film (0.2mm thickness)
  • 90% light transmission
  • Diffused
  • Anti drip (interior layer)
  • IR thermic effect (middle layer)
  • Anti static/dust & UV stabilisation (exterior layer)
  • 4 year UV degradation pro-rata warranty


  • High light transmission aids crop production
  • Light diffusion improves the photosynthetic process by exposing more of the crop to visible light
  • 200um film provides for increased storm and wind resistance
  • Long film life due to increased UV stability

Cutting and wrapping