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  1. Most plants need shade – but if you move the shade, plants develop up to 15% faster
  2. Diffused shade equals more photosynthesis, more photosynthesis equals more growth by a further 5-10%
  3. Plant temperature can be up to 11°c cooler in summer
  4. In winter plants can be up to 4°c warmer
  5. Plants will be dryer with less disease
  6. Winter heating costs can be reduced by up to 47%
  7. Plant quality improves
  8. Harmony screens reduce water, fertilizer and running costs
  9. Workers comfort is improved
  10. Greater control over the climate means greater profits

With the optimum climate you can maximise growth and profit.


What is diffused light?

Light diffusion scatters the light to reach deeper and more evenly into the crop


  • Cooler crop temperatures in summer
  • More active photosynthesis to the upper and lower section of the crop means greater growth and healthier plants
  • Growers report up to 10% more growth and improved colour
  • Open screens allow optimum ventilation
  • The staff love it!

Open Screens

4215 O FR

4820 O

5220 O FR

6920 O FR

Closed Screens

Closed screens have a clear polyester strip instead of a gap. This reduces the heat loss at night and if you are heating the energy savings increases to 47%.

In unheated greenhouses the crops are even warmer and dryer reducing condensation drop and disease



Tempa Screens

For optimum energy saving use TEMPA which is aluminium and Polyester.
Aluminium screens – “space blanket” technology for inside


  • Ideal for higher shading requirements
  • Optimising energy saving so best for reducing energy costs
  • Increased night plant temperatures – up to 6°c
  • The real space blanket effect

5557 D

7567 D

Solaro Screens

Open aluminium screens – “space blanket” technology for inside and outside screens


  • Optimum outside shading
  • With maximum ventilation
  • Come as hanging or sliding system


  • Plants will be up to 12°C cooler in summer
  • By opening the screens this optimise the light and growth
  • Growth increases by up to 40%
  • At night the plants are up to 6°C warmer and drier with less disease

5115 O E WB

5120 O E AW

7530 O EAW

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