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Gullwing greenhouses are our premier commercial greenhouses that incorporate large twin opening roof vents that take advantage of wind direction and promote exceptional air transfer and hot air venting.

The increased wall height provides the benefit of greater air volume and crop clearance.


  • 10m wide model only
  • Independent twin roof vents. Total roof vent area is 45% of floor area
  • Side wall height up to 5m
  • Large gutters and wide 4m post spaces
  • Fully engineered and robust galvanised steel frame made to order in our factory
  • Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film covers
  • Aluminium Springlock clipping system to firmly secure Solarweave sheets to greenhouse frames
  • Frameguard tape is provided to protect Solarweave from metal frame
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  • Large roof vents promote exceptional air extraction and transfer
  • Independent roof vents can be opened or closed dependent on wind or rain direction
  • More stable environmental conditions due to a greater air mass
  • Lower maximum air temperatures
  • Less fluctuations in relative humidity
  • Plants are further away from the hot rising air


  • Automated internal screen system


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