Multi-Span Greenhouse 8m

Our 8 metre wide Multi Span Greenhouses are our larger commercial greenhouses that incorporate increased wall height providing the benefit of greater air volume and crop clearance.  Domed roof or sawtooth roof models are available.

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  • Side wall height up to 4m
  • Large gutters and wide 4m post spaces
  • Fully engineered and robust galvanised steel frame made to order in our factory
  • Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film covers
  • Aluminium Springlock clipping system to firmly secure Solarweave sheets to greenhouse frames
  • Frameguard tape is provided to protect Solarweave from metal frame


  • More stable environmental conditions due to a greater air mass
  • Lower maximum air temperatures
  • Less fluctuations in relative humidity
  • Plants are further away from the hot rising air


  • Domed or sawtooth roof options
  • Available in:  8m &10m wide