Rolling Nursery Benches

Maximise growing area with side-shift rolling benches

To maximise return on your investment in a commercial greenhouse or shade structure, rolling nursery benches help to maximise the growing area. These benches also enable your greenhouse staff to move specific plants to different sections, with varying climate controls. These may vary in shade screen cover, irrigation fixtures or fan ventilation rates.


  • Hot-dip galvanised frame and weldmesh benchtop
  • Aluminium side rail
  • Standard 1800mm bench top external width. (Note: Internal bench top width is 1770mm) This width cannot be altered.
  • Can be ordered in any length
  • Bolt to concrete or free standing with base rails
  • Requires minimal effort to roll benches and expose hidden walkways


  • Increases the growing area within your greenhouse by 20% – 35%
  • Dramatically reduces the risk of fungal disease by elevating the plants and allowing under pot airflow
  • Sturdy hot-dip galvanised construction provides a long trouble free bench life
greenlife structures greenhouse rolling bench
Greenlife structures Greenhouse Rolling Bench

Rolling Nursery Benches vs Static Benches

greenlife structures greenhouse static nursery bench sideways

Static Benches – 194.4m2

Rolling (Side Shift) Nursery Benches – 259.2m2 (33.33% increase in Bench Top Area)

GreenLife Structures greenhouse rolling (side shift) nursery benches – 259.2m2 (33.33% increase in bench top area)

greenlife structures greenhouse static nursery bench lengthways

Static Nursery Benches – 194.4m2

greenlife structures greenhouse rolling nursery benches side shift 243m2

Rolling (Side Shift) Nursery Benches – 243m2 (25% increase in Bench-Top Area)