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Roof ventilation is the single most important feature a greenhouse should possess. The growth and health of your plants is directly reliant on good ventilation and the environment it promotes.

Purchase as a kit or take advantage of our full installation and maintenance service with our own trained staff and machinery.


  • Available in 6m, 8m, 10m & 12m models
  • Optional side wall gutters
  • Full length opening and closing vertical roof vent
  • Cost effective design
  • Fully engineered and robust galvanised steel frame made to order in our factory
  • Solarweave reinforced greenhouse film covers
  • Hinged or sliding doors
  • Aluminium Springlock clipping system to firmly secure Solarweave sheets to greenhouse frames
  • Frameguard tape is provided to protect Solarweave from metal frame
  • A comprehensive installation manual is provided for all self-installation kits
  • Or ask for an installation quote


  • Cost effective design
  • Total rain, wind and storm protection
  • The roof vent (combined with side wall vents) provides superior air transfer and hot air venting
  • All vents can be closed to slow down latent heat release during winter


  • Automated side wall and roof vent curtains
  • Automated internal screen system

Size Comparison Sawtooth Greenhouses

Size Comparison sawtooth


6m wide Sawtooth Greenhouse

6m Sawtooth Series (4)


8m wide Sawtooth Greenhouse





10m wide Sawtooth Greenhouse







12m wide Sawtooth Greenhouse



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