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Bearing Plate  


Used for supporting drive pipe

Part No. BP31-1

Price $ 5.89 

each including GST


4m  Drum Drive

DD 4.0

Used for 4m wide cable drive screens

Part No. DD 4.0

Price $ 13.20

each including GST


6m Drum Drive

DD 6.0

Used for 6m wide cable drive screens

Part No. DD 6.0

Price $ 18.48

each including GST


Return Pulley   

RP 70

Used for returning drive cable

Part No. PR 70

Price $ 9.94

each including GST


LE/Cable Clamp   


Standard clamp for joining leading edge tube to drive cable

Part No. LECC10

Price $ 3.34

each including GST


Small Swivel Pulley


Used to support drive cable

Part No. SSP-64

Price $ 0.97

each including GST


LS Wire

LSW 70-2

2mm transparent nylon wire is used for supporting screen

Part No. LSW 70-2

Price $ 235.00

per 2300m/roll including GST (Not sold in cut metres)


LE Tube


Leading edge tube is in used as the moving edge in screen systems. 19mm dia. x 1.2mm x 6m aluminium tube

Part No. LET 6.1

Price $ 18.42

per length including GST


LE Tube Joiner


Used for joining lengths of LE Tube together. 16mm dia. gal tube x 200mm long

Part No. LETJ

Price $ 1.10

each including GST


Wire Strainer


Used for straining cross cables & edge cables

Part No. WS03

Price $ 2.47

each including GST


Jack Chain


Used for suspending screens (& circulation fans).

Part No. JCH04

Price $ 69.18

per 35m spool including GST


6mm Turnbuckle  


Galvanised turnbuckle used for tensioning drive cables

Part No. TB6.0

Price $ 3.58

each including GST


Black Plastic Peg


Used to secure back edge of screen to cross cables

Part No. BPP53

Price $ 0.20

each including GST




Used to secure outer edge of screen

Part No. SH36

Price $ 0.24

each including GST


Single LE Clip  


Used to securing screen to leading edge pipe

Part No. SLEC42

Price $ 0.26

each including GST


Double LE Clip 


Used for securing screen to LE tube and LS wire

Part No. DLEC43

Price $ 0.35

each including GST


Stainless Steel Collectors    


Used for collecting the screen when retracting. Snaps over double LE clip

Part No. SSC80-2

Price $ 0.40

each including GST

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