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The cable span shadehouse is designed to withstand high winds and hail storms while providing an efficient and effective growing area targeting your horticultural needs.


  • Wide growing bays. Bay widths can vary from 8m to 24m
  • Wide post spaces and minimal internal posts
  • Multiple shade factors can be incorporated into the shade house canopy design
  • Only premium grade components and covers are used to ensure a long life span
  • The most econonomical protective structure


  • Total wind, hail and storm protection
  • Reduced sun and heat stress
  • Reduced evaporation
  • Superior stock quality and yields

Design Options

  • 4m to 5m is the most common height. Although any height can be achieved
  • Hardwood, treated pine or galvanised steel posts
  • Visit our Net Data sheets for the shadecloth and net shade factors
  • Angled or vertical side wall
  • Hinged / sliding steel gates or curtain style gates
  • Suspended cable grid to support overhead irrigation

Shade House Quote Request

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