SolarWeave Greenhouse Film

Commercial Greenhouse plastic film

SolarWeave is a polythene-based, semi-transparent commercial greenhouse fabric. It is a recognised industry leader in greenhouse film which can improve performance and plant productivity.

Solarweave is considered the benchmark in reinforced greenhouse film with proven performance in Australian conditions for over 30 years. It is recognised as an industry leading fabric. Solarweave is a polyethylene based semi-transparent fabric designed for horticultural and greenhouse applications. Solarweave is made from premium UV stabilised materials and coated in Australia using a proprietary coating process.

It provides “best-in-show” light transmission, excellent durability and strength versus weight for ease of handling.

Solarweave is available in natural or white.


  • Natural 84% light transmission
  • White 40% light transmission
  • Weight 185gsm
  • Thickness 250um (0.25mm)
  • ‘Best in Show’ light transmission
  • Dirt repellent PE coating
  • Excellent durability and strength verses weight
  • Good resistance to accidental punctures
  • 5 year UV Warranty
  • Improved welding and very good weld strength compared to similar products
  • Good resistance to chemicals

SolarWeave is available in natural or white.


  • Provides greater yeilds
  • Good appearance and reduced maintenance
  • Ease of handling
  • Minimise repair and replacement cost
  • Peace of mind


  • Solarweave comes in 2.05m widths which can be joined together to create any size flat Solarweave sheet.
  • Solarweave is joined using a hot air welding process which is both durable and strong.

Usage Instructions

  • Frameguard tape should be used to reduce heat transfer from metal frames. Foamed rubber or PVC based framing tape should never be used
  • Contact with highly acidic organic solvents, halogens and some horticultural chemicals containing sulphur may reduce the service life of the fabric and void the warranty


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solarweave greenhouse film product brochure