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Manual Roll Up Winch

Winch and Application


  • Light weight with high output torque
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Self locking clutch holds the curtain at any height
  • Suitable for 25mm & 32mm diameter pipe
  • Durable construction

Max. Curtain Length 50m – Torque 30Nm – Gear Ratio 4:1

Part No. BS104

Price $96.35

each including GST


24V Auto Roll Up Motor with creeper roller guide

24 V Auto Roll Up with guide


  • High torque
  • Built in limit switches
  • Durable construction
  • Operate up to 50m of roll up curtain


  • Flick of a switch operation reduces staff costs
  • Connect to climate controller for total automation

Rated Power 60w – Voltage DC24V – Max. Curtain Length 50m – Torque 600Nm – RPM 3.6

Part No. ERU-A2

Price $344.00

each including GST (Includes motor & creeper)   

24V Motor Control Box – MCB



  • Auto/Manual operation
  • Water resistant housing
  • Fault indication light

Rated Power 120w – Voltage D24V

Part No. MCB24

Price $398.00

each including GST

Black Pipe Clips


  • Pipe clips are designed to fasten greenhouse film to the roll up vent pipe
  • 25mm & 32mm diameter pipe
Part No. BPC25

Price $0.70

each including GST
Part No. BPC32

Price $0.77

each including GST

Guide Pipe Coupling


Universal bracket for attaching auto roll up motor guide pipe to greenhouse

Part No. GPB01

Price $26.55

each including GST

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